Welcome to Zoons!

Welcome to Zoons!
Welcome to Zoons!2019-11-25T11:26:10+13:00

Welcome to Zoons!

Zoons is is the brand under which creator Sheree Veysey releases her content for children Originally a youtube channel, Zoons now focuses on children’s songs  to promote laughter and wellbeing for children and their families.

“We all need space to create things and play for our wellbeing.” Sheree says “Zoons is a place what I do with my creativity!” 

What’s new at Zoons?

There’s a new song on the Zoons block

The song "I'm not a robot" combines playful beats and sounds with an important message about perfectionism, making mistakes, and "keeping on, keeping on". Check it out on Spotify, Itunes, or Apple Music today! [...]

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