Sheree with antlers

About Sheree (creator)
Sheree is the proud auntie of twelve nieces and nephews, who are often the first listeners of Zoon tracks. (Hi Annaleah, Josh, Finn, Esther, Tilly, Bos, Israel, Van, Raf, Francie, Cruz and Judah). She loves doing a mixture of things to help keep her busy and happy; she is a writer, songwriter, mental health promoter and trained in tv production. Sheree grew up in Rotorua, New Zealand, and now lives in Auckland. She writes a lot of her songs while walking her little dog Meadow around the block. Sheree’s favourite colour is an aqua blue, and she loves to eat Turkish food. Sheree is also a trained counsellor.

dominikaAbout Dominika (animator and illustrator)

Animator Dominika provides some of the animation and illustration for Zoons videos. She has 7 years experience in the post-production industry as a 3D animator with experience in feature film video effects and advertising.

Dominika likes to play with her dog Viggo and her favourite colour is yellow because it’s happy. Dominika is also a mum to a gorgeous little girl who is just beginning to discover Zoons. Dominika came to New Zealand from South Africa in 2010, but she was born in Poland and likes to go to visit. Her favourite food is a Polish food called pierogi.

The thing she likes best about working with Zoons is that it feels like play (and most adults don’t do enough playing!)

About Zed

Zed Brookes (Brookes Audio Design) has a long history and many credits in the music industry, including as a musician, producer and tutor at the Music and Audio Institute of NZ. Zoons is his first foray into making music especially for children and he particularly enjoys getting to use his sound design skills to make others laugh and collaborating on silliness with Sheree.

About Calbert

Calbert is a ragdoll cat with a great sense of humour. He likes to wear different collars for his youtube appearances, sometimes even sporting a tie. Calbert needs a hand to reply to his fanmail, as his paws make it difficult to write, but he localbert_blogves to hear your jokes and suggestions at [email protected]. Ragdoll cats are known for being really relaxed and floppy when they get picked up and for getting on well with other animals. This is a good thing because Calbert lives with a little dog!

Calbert has been kindly released for use on the Zoons youtube channel by the great people at Folkmanis puppets – check them out!

About Meadow

Meadow (Also known as Queen Regina Meadow) is a chihuahua foxie cross of 13 plus years.

Meadow’s favourite things are chicken, taking socks back to her bed, visiting people she knows, and chicken. Meadow is going deaf and blind, and recently had one eye removed, which is when she got her pirate queen nickname. Meadow does enjoy a good howl along with a harmonica, and as she gets deafer she doesn’t mind if Sheree sings all the time. She does enjoy visiting Zed and “helping” create the songs. Meadow has a range of outfits and is featured every year on Sheree’s Christmas card.