Not only was “I’m not a Robot” the first song where the amazing Zed Brookes was able to bring his collaboration to layer the sounds, humour and beats for magnificence – well I just love the message of this song. I don’t know about you, but I can sometimes be a bit hard on myself when I “stuff up.” Sometimes this is because I’ve made a mistake, sometimes because I’ve made choices that later I’m not proud of.

I love the “I’m not a Robot” song because the message is one I need to keep telling myself, and one that I absolutely want kids to know – mistakes are okay; we just try to keep learning, listening, being strong enough to say when we are wrong and sorry – and keep on keeping on. Sometimes we can work really hard at trying never to make a mistake – and it doesn’t work! In fact it can make our lives quite miserable and stressful- Much better to accept we’re not robots or angels, and as human’s we are meant to be learning, growing and yes sometimes stuffing it up ;). Sheree

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